About Celtic Cowboys


The Celtic Cowboys are one of the more unusual bands on the German music scene! Not only Country fans have been convinced of this since 2009, when listening to one of the diverse songs which just cannot be assigned to one single genre. The band members‘ favourite music styles are spanning Country, Irish Folk, Western Swing, and a touch of Bluegrass and Skiffle, going on to Rock ’n Roll. That doesn’t mix? Don’t you believe it! The stirring mixture turns every visit to the saloon into an unforgettable experience, and the charisma of these six northern German cowboys makes audiences all over Germany go crazy.

In December 2011, the Celtic Cowboys won 1st prize for the best country album at the German Rock & Pop Awards for their current CD „A Simple Life“. A special award also went to their front rider Deputy Dirk who sang his way into the jury’s heart as best country singer in 2012 and again in 2014, and who also was rewarded with third place for his song „Sweet Suzie“ in the category „Best Song“.

And in 2015, the Celtic Cowboys were awarded the silver medal at the OXMOX Band Contest, and were therefore Hamburg’s runner up band !!

With these awards under their collective belt, Deputy Dirk (guitar, dobro, vocals), Flanger Ranger (guitar,vocals), Rising Bow (fiddle, tenorbanjo) and Brian McMarnoch of the Innes Clan (doublebass) keep going on tour.

If you also want to enjoy the ride into the sunset, then you mustn’t miss the current program of the Celtic Cowboys, as these guys not only prove that they are masters of their instruments, but who also put a new spin on the classics of both Atlantic coasts with their diversified arrangements.

The five riders of the Good Time therefore adapt to the musical developments during the last centuries during which the European music scene and music made in USA reciprocally influenced each other, and furthermore convince with their innovative combination of both genres. Thus the Celtic Cowboys blend the songs of the prairie and Route 66 with the traditional melodies of the Emerald Isle, and join old tunes of Ireland with the classics of the Western scene. Recently, they have also added their own songs with German lyrics.

With their current CD „Qualified Celtic Cowboys“, these musicians not only demonstrate their combined 150 years of cumulative stage experience but also their abilities as creative singers and songwriters, as most of the tracks are their own compositions, and all stay true to the Celtic Cowboys‘ style.