Flanger Ranger


hartmutThe Flanger Ranger aka Hartmut Markmann
provides the powerful overall sound with his acoustic guitar and tirelessly and cheerfully does the base work in the rhythm section for the Celtic Cowboys. As main and background vocalist, he also magics the atmosphere at some dull pub into a boiling saloon. This talent can be traced back to more than 25 years´ on stage experience. After first attempts to lighten up the campfire atmosphere with him playing the recorder, Flanger Ranger luckily turned to the guitar and since the beginning of the 90s, he was a founding member of the bands GARIFIN and Lighthouse Lads, as well as the Celtic Cowboys now, always leading them to success. May it be TV shows, festivals, tours in Germany, casting or music competitions – this steadfast cowboy isn´t thrown out of the saddle by anything, which is why he will continue to present Irish and Scottish Folk, Country and co. beyond the usual popular melodies.