Mando Marshall


guido2Mando Marshall aka Guido Plüschke
softens not only the heart of many a saloon lady with his virtuoso play on tenor/5-string banjo and mandolin but together with the Celtic Cowboys also gets the dance floors to vibrate with his mix of western swing and traditional Irish style. In order to become this calibre of entertainer, Mando Marshall first followed the tracks of Mike Oldfield and the Beatles, taught himself guitar and bravely completed studies in music management before discovering the world of bluegrass and Irish folk with banjo, mandolin, bouzouki and bodhrán. With bands such as GARIFIN, Irish Bastards, Lighthouse Lads and Trasnú or as a soloist he never shrank from any duel. In 2008, Mando Marshall was rewarded with a bronze treasure at the World Bodhrán Championships in Ireland, and in 2012 he won silver at the German Rock and Pop Awards as exceptional percussionist. Unnominated but ranking first in his engagement as Germany´s only full-time bodhrán teacher. It is no surprise for the Celtic Cowboys that not even the coyotes get round to howling in his presence.