Brian McMarnoch


christianBrian McMarnoch of the Clan Innes of the Scottish Grampians – aka Christian Niehues
is the reason why so many Celtic Cowboys fans wish that wanted posters would be available as a star posters: on the one hand, everybody would like to pin the double bass universal genius to their tipi wall, on the other he always disappears in the endless expanse of the prairie. But somebody who not only practises rock, jazz and classics apart from guitar, bass, double bass, and organ; somebody who is not knocked out of his cowboy boots by merely studying teacher for music but also studies double bass at the Folkwanghochschule Essen as well as achieving a diploma at the university of arts in Berlin – somebody like that is well liked anywhere. With his wagon, Brian McMarnoch travels around with bands, classic orchestras and musicals such as Lion King, Dance of the Vampires, and Wicked, and also arranges songs for Peggy March, Andreas Zaron, Sabrina Weckerlin, and the WDR (West German Radio and TV). It is only logical that the Celtic Cowboys must not be missed in this list. So – don´t panic, he´ll be back.