Greengass meets Bluegrass

Our Debutalbum from 2009
This is the story of the Celtic Cowboys: when the Indians of the tribe of the Sad Sams were threatening to overcome them they started on a trek to lead their merry followers South.
Deputy Dirk, Sitting Bumm, the Mando Marshall, Gambling Lee Carl and the the Flanger Ranger are determined to save happiness from becoming extinct.

With their slogan: „Greengrass Meets Bluegrass“ the five musicians have succeeded in bringing together Irish & Scottish Folk, Western Swing and Country and Blues on one wagon.
The band’s ambition is to make good music for happy people – if you want to get away from it all and forget your sorrows, saddle your horse and ride South with the Cowboys.
The likeable lads easily combine Celtic Music and songs of the West – after all they have more than 100 years of collective stage experience.
The musicians have played in bands such as Garifin, UKW Band and Trasnú and on their trip from the green hills of Ireland to the dry Prairie they take their minions along on an exciting journey.
The Irish jigs and reels as well as the songs of the West have been tightly lassoed together and at the end of the road the horses are deposited at the saloon where inside fresh Guinness and a microphone are waiting.

The name signifies the program, the combination of Irish and American elements is nothing new, however, seldom has it been so successfully implemented as by the Shamrock-Cowboys. After a good night`s work the Glorious Five will ride South, leaving a trail of happiness …

1. More Pretty Girls Than One/Silver Spear Reel

2. Las Vegas In The Hills Of Donegal/Tamlin Reel

3. Rare Old Mountain Dew/Black Berry Blossom

4. Wagon Wheel

5. Walk In The Irish Rain

6. Dixieland

7. I Can’t Get You Off My Mind

8. I Don’t Even Know Your Name

9. Jack Stewart

10. Bad Moon Rising

11. Doon In The Wee Room/Sally Gardens Reel

12. Galway Girl

13. I’m Walking

14. Dirty Old Town